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Prof Abhijeet Singh

Professor Operations Management... View Profile

Prof R K Lodhwal

Professor Marketing and Human Resource Management... View Profile

Prof P V Rajeev

Professor Finance, Marketing.... View Profile

Prof Ashish Singh

Professor Marketing, Entrepreneurship... View Profile

Prof S K Singh

Professor Human Resource Management and Organizational Behav... View Profile

Prof Alok Kumar Rai

Professor Customer Relationship Modelling, Customer Loyalty ... View Profile

Prof Sujit Kumar Dubey

Professor Marketing, Advertising, Retail and Rural Marketing... View Profile

Prof Raj Kumar

Professor Insurance, Capital Market, Corporate Governance an... View Profile

Prof Amit Gautam

Professor International Busines, Geo Political Envirnoment, ... View Profile

Prof P S Tripathi

Professor Entrepreneurship and Finance... View Profile

Prof Ashish Bajpai

Professor Marketing... View Profile

Prof H P Mathur

Professor Strategic Management, Finance... View Profile

Dr Subhash Pratap Singh

Associate Professor Marketing... View Profile

Dr Anurag Singh

Associate Professor Anurag Singh is an Associate Professor of Marketin... View Profile

Dr Shashi Srivastava

Associate Professor Organizational Behaviour, Strategic Management... View Profile

Dr Ashutosh Mohan

Associate Professor Marketing, Supply Chain Management... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Kumar

Assistant Professor Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Agribusiness M... View Profile

Dr Ram Shankar Uraon

Assistant Professor Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavio... View Profile

Dr Abhijeet Biswas

Assistant Professor Dr. Abhijeet Biswas is Assistant Professor in Inst... View Profile

Dr Niraj Kumar Vishvakarma

Assistant Professor Information Technology and Systems, eGovernance, O... View Profile

Dr Rajkiran Prabhakar

Assistant Professor Marketing and Retail... View Profile

Dr Abhijeet Biswas

Assistant Professor Finance, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Deshmukh

Assistant Professor Marketing & Demand /Supply Chain, Research Methods... View Profile

Dr Harsh Pradhan

Assistant Professor Statistics, Research Methods, Organization Behavio... View Profile

Dr Vishal Kumar Laheri

Assistant Professor Marketing... View Profile