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Prof Rajan Kumar Gupta

Professor Applied and Experimental Phycology... View Profile

Prof Shiv Mohan Singh

Professor Biodiversity of Extreme Habitats Such as Glaciers,... View Profile

Prof Ram Sagar

Professor Inventory, Monitoring and Conservation, Management... View Profile

Prof Santosh Dubey

Professor Molecular Microbiology,Environmental Biotechnology... View Profile

Prof Kapil Deo Pandey

Professor Phycology and Microbiology, Environmental Microbio... View Profile

Prof Madhoolika Agrawal

Professor Ecology, Environmental Science, Global Climate Cha... View Profile

Dr R. Sagar

Professor Professor in Department of Botany.... View Profile

Prof Shashi Pandey

Professor She has made outstanding contribution in the area ... View Profile

Prof Suresh Kumar Dubey

Professor Botany... View Profile

Prof S B Agrawal

Professor Ecology and Environmental Science, Iimpact of Vari... View Profile

Prof Nawal Kishore Dubey

Professor Mycology, Plant Pathology, Angiosperms, Herbal Med... View Profile

Prof R S Upadhyaya

Professor Botany... View Profile

Prof Ravindra Nath Kharwar

Professor Botany... View Profile

Prof Ravi Kumar Asthana

Professor Botany... View Profile

Prof Rajeshwar Prasad Sinha

Professor Photobiology, Molecular Microbiology and Biotechno... View Profile

Prof Jitendra Pandey

Professor Environmetal Sciences... View Profile

Prof Nandita Ghoshal

Professor Ecology and Environmental Science... View Profile

Prof Arun Kumar Mishra

Professor Botany... View Profile

Prof Surendra Singh

Professor Microbiology... View Profile

Dr Satheeshkumar P K

Associate Professor Plant Tissue Culture and Transgenics, Plant Molecu... View Profile

Dr Satya Shila Singh

Associate Professor Molecular Systematics and Stress Biology of Diazot... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Kumar

Associate Professor Plant Cytogenetics... View Profile

Dr Hema Singh

Associate Professor Ecology of Agroecosystems, Nutrient Dynamics, Micr... View Profile

Dr Satish Kumar Verma

Assistant Professor Mycology and Plant Pathology... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor Ecotoxicology and Environmental Physiology... View Profile

Dr L S Songachan

Assistant Professor Mycorrhizae... View Profile

Dr Prashant Singh

Assistant Professor Systematics and Taxonomy of Cyanobacteria using th... View Profile

Dr S P Singh

Assistant Professor Photobiology, Molecular Microbiology, Stress Biolo... View Profile

Dr Supriya Tiwari

Assistant Professor Air Pollution Impact Assessment on Selected Crop C... View Profile

Dr Yogesh Mishra

Assistant Professor Functional Genomics and Proteomics of Cyanobacteri... View Profile

Dr Raghvendra Singh

Assistant Professor Fungal Taxonomy... View Profile

Dr Prashant Singh

Assistant Professor Assistant professor in department of Botany... View Profile

Dr Deepak Kumar

Assistant Professor Assistant professor in department of Botany, Insti... View Profile

Dr Jay Prakash Maurya

Assistant Professor Plant Developmental Biology... View Profile

Dr Asha Lata Singh

Assistant Professor Botany... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Kumar Dwivedy

Assistant Professor Bioprospection of Plant Essential Oils, Nanoencaps... View Profile

Dr Anita Singh

Assistant Professor Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination and its Ef... View Profile

Dr Akhilesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Understanding the Regulatory Role of Arginylation ... View Profile

Dr Bhanu Prakash

Assistant Professor Identify the Bioactivity of Plant Derived Products... View Profile

Dr Ashwani Rai

Distinguished Professor Distinguished professor in department of Botany... View Profile

Dr J. S. Singh

Emeritus Professor Emeritus professor in Department of Botany... View Profile

Mr L. C. Rai

Distinguished Professor Distinguished Professor in department of Botany.... View Profile